Remember, everyone will not join when you decide to run your race...

To get what you need, you must plant your seed ~ John Butler

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The idea of losing should never cross your mind eventhough the battle is ruff, it will make you even stronger...

I became WISER!

In life you finally come to a point of understanding it does not matter how good you are, many will never appreciate you for what you are! The WISE thing to do is MOVE ON.......

The Obstacles Made Me BETTER!

Some days you'll look in the mirror and asked yourself, do I have what it takes? Then you'll realize, YOU DO!....


Don't spend your whole life hoping that others would give you what they do not possess.  The POWER is  INSIDE of YOU!....

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continuing to contribute in major ways, in order to inspire the world!
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The proud owner of a great publishing company

Formed in 1996, Next Level Publishing continues on bring forth great music and education to individuals all over the world!

I am a proud member of the Grammy's Washington D.C. Chapter

Over the years, I have conveyed to many artist, you must be a part, in order to play a part! JOIN TODAY!

Loveprints was founded to give back to the community and provide inspiration to those people involved with sports and young people, to make them better human beings. We all leave a print of our time on the planet – ideally a love print. LOVING AND LEARNING THROUGH SPORTS.

Why Start Over Outside of Gospel Music?

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Answer: When you have given your all within one genre totaling over170 songs, I felt that it was time for me to expand and give a contribution to other causes.

The DVD that speaks Dollars and Sense!

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Your time is valuable. Invest in yourself and make amazing changes in your life, and I am sure you’ll be joining the thousands of musicians who write in to thank us for helping to guide them in the right direction.

Only $250.00 for 365 Days of Advertising

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In 2013, 40HOTSPOTS will reign in being the BEST advertising vehicle, mainly because of our RESULTS!. Register TODAY!

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